Programmes Wanted

I’m mostly trying to collect competitive Norwich City 1st team programmes from the present day back to the end of the 2nd world war.

I’m also interested in any pre-war programmes, unusual friendlies or other oddities.

Please contact me at if you can help with any of these.

Norwich City Homes:

55/56 Colchester United

53/54 Bristol City, Gillingham, Millwall, Hastings (FAC)

52/53 Colchester, Exeter, Torquay, Tonbridge (FAC)

51/52 Bristol Rovers, Gillingham, Walsall

50/51 Exeter, Orient

49/50 Newport, Hartlepool (FAC)

48/49 Bristol Rovers, Northampton, Orient, Southend, Torquay, Watford

47/48 Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Northampton, Newport, Orient, Reading

46/47 Aldershot, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Crystal Palace, Exeter, Northampton, Notts County, QPR, Southend, Torquay

46 (transitional season) Ipswich, Southend

45 (transitional season) Mansfield, Northampton, Notts County, QPR, Watford

Norwich City Aways:

57/58 Shrewsbury Town, Brighton (FAC)

56/57 Aldershot, Torquay

55/56 Aldershot, Brentford, Brighton, Bournemouth, Northampton, Shrewsbury, Swindon

54/55 Brighton (FAC)

53/54 Aldershot, Bournemouth, Coventry, Northampton

52/53 Aldershot, Coventry, Northampton, Torquay, Walsall

51/52 Aldershot, Millwall, Newport, Northampton, Port Vale, Plymouth, Southend, Torquay

50/51 Aldershot, Bristol Rovers (30/4/51), Newport, Port Vale

49/50 Aldershot, Exeter, Newport, Port Vale, Walsall, Watford

48/49 Northampton, Newport, Port Vale, Southend, Walsall

47/48 Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Exeter, Northampton, Port Vale, Torquay, Walsall, Walsall (FAC)

46/47 Aldershot, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Exeter, Ipswich, Mansfield, Orient, Port Vale, Southend, Torquay, Watford

46 (transitional season) Brighton (FAC), Ipswich, Northampton, Southend, Walsall

45 (transitional season) Ipswich, Mansfield, Northampton, Orient, Port Vale, Southend, Walsall

Postponed Games:

Homes – 68/69 Blackburn Rovers (28/12/68), 62/63 Blackpool FAC (5/1/63)

Away – 78/79 Manchester United (2/12/78), 70/71 QPR (26/12/70), 62/63 Middlesbrough (26/12/62), 54/55 Crystal Palace (15/1/55), 50/51 Newport County (23/3/51)